Thinkers in Relationships

Although it is often seen as a gift when people think a lot more and feel things more intensely, this can often bring a completely new set of challenges into relationships. Some people would claim that they also think a lot and also feel more deeply than others, which is sometimes not easy to assess from the outside. That is why we are now looking at often exhibited personality traits of these people and maybe you will recognize yourself or someone else in them and will be able to either better understand yourself or someone close to you...

Relationship with a Narcissist: How to Communicate & Deal With Them – Part II

Narcissists are their own biggest fans and literally bathe in self-praise, perceiving themselves as the inviolable center of the world. You often find such people in positions of power, which of course does not make dealing and communicating with them any easier for others around them. Here are some tips for dealing with and communicating with a narcissist.

Successful Conversations – Part II: The Power of Your Words

"Never" and "Always" in a conversation are such absolute words that almost no discussion can take place and, due to the aggressive nature of these two words, it ends up in a dispute with mutual attack and defense methods. In a conversation, discussion or argument, there are different ways in which we can influence the further course of events.

Gespräche erfolgreich führen – Teil II: Die Kraft deiner Worte

«Nie» und «immer» in einem Gespräch sind so absolute Worte, dass beinahe keine Diskussion mehr stattfinden kann und es aufgrund der angreiferischen Natur dieser beiden Worte eher in einem Streitgespräch mit gegenseitiger Angriffs- und Abwehrmethodik endet. In einem Gespräch, einer Diskussion oder einem Streit gibt es verschiedene Arten, wie wir den weiteren Verlauf beeinflussen können.

Setting boundaries

Many people are currently struggling to set themselves apart from other people, especially during this pandemic, when we live much closer and more prolonged with the people in our household. Where we otherwise have some catalysts and variety in our everyday life, be it at work, in our own circle of friends or at our own appointments to balance it out, we have rarely been together with our dearest ones as continuously and intensely as we are now.

Successful Conversations – Part I

Since every conversation, apart from internal dialogues, requires at least two people who communicate and often react on the basis of active or reactive feelings or emotions, they can sometimes result in a discussion or even a heated argument over seemingly nothing of importance.

Die Sprachen der Liebe

Wenn wir erstmal verstehen, dass Menschen unterschiedliche Arten des Ausdrucks ihrer Liebe haben und andere Liebessprachen möglicherweise weniger ausgeprägt zum Ausdruck kommen, so kann das unser Liebesleben massiv verbessern. Wir werden durch dieses Wissen verständnisvoller um die verschiedenen Sprachen der Liebe. So verstehen wir auch besser, warum die unterschiedlichen Ausdrucksformen unseres Partners von unseren eigenen abweichen können.

The Languages of Love

Once we understand that people have different ways of expressing their love and that other love languages may be less pronounced, this can massively improve our love life. Through this knowledge we become gain a better comprehension of the different languages of love. This also helps us better understand better why our partner's different expressions may differ from our own.

An Introduction to Bodylanguage – Part III

Often we call people intuitive or attentive when we actually mean their understanding of body language. The so-called queasy gut feeling also arises when we subconsciously perceive that a statement does not match the body language. This also works in the same way with fictional statements or lies, the spoken word and the physical expressions do not match or are even contradictory.