Bodylanguage Seminars 2018/19

Claudia Mueller Tripodi will teach communication and bodylanguage in two separate seminars of two days each.

Minimum participants of 12, maximum capacity of 20 participants.
Module II can only be attended if attended at Module I first. Module II can also be attended in 2019.

Module I – Communication:
May 17 – 18, 2018 in Zug, Switzerland
Communication is the exchange of information between two or more communicators and serves us in transmitting knowledge, experience and discoveries. Communication is essential to every human being and an evolutionary part of our survival. Whether it is about communicating with your family, friend, or supervisor, improve your own skills and learn how to deal with different communicational types.
In this two-day seminar, you will learn the theory behind the science, learn about your own ways of transmitting information, how to improve it and practice how you can apply these improvements to your every-day life.

Module II – Bodylanguage:
October 4 – 5, 2018 in Zug, Switzerland
About 80% of our communication is non-verbal. Many people still misinterpret the signs and signals of their communicational partners. By learning how to spot and understand the signs and signals, your overall communication will improve immensely.
In this two-day seminar, you will learn how to read people’s bodylanguage, interpret the signs and signals correctly. Also, you will learn what the scientific background of this fascinating skillset is and how you can detect fiction from non-fiction and make sure not to miss out on any important sub-message.

Each module will be a two-day full education in either communication or bodylanguage.

Module I: Early booking price until January 31st 2018 ₪2600
Module I: Standard price after February 1st 2018 ₪2950
Module II: Early booking price until June 30th 2018 ₪2600
Module II: Standard price after July 1st 2018 after ₪2950

Both seminars include: Breakfast, Lunch & Coffee break.

Payment conditions Module I:
Early booking price to be paid by February 28th 2018: ₪1500
Standard price to be paid March 20th 2018: ₪2000
The second part of the payment has to be paid by March 30th 2018.

Cancellation policy Module I:
Cancellation until February 28th 2018: full refund
Cancellation from March 1st until March 27th 2018: cost of ₪350
Cancellation from March 28st 2018: ₪1300

To receive more information or enroll for one of the modules, insert your information here and we will get back to you with all the details.