Verbal communication and bodylanguage are closely connected. Bodylanguage is an expression of our (unconscious) feelings, our intentions or our emotional state. If we are open for the signals of our bodylanguage and the ’nonverbal expressions‘ of the people around us, we can ease interpersonal encounters, discussions and negotiations and be more relaxed about the successful outcome. We want to be seen and recognized in all encounters and we are constantly communication with our environment.

The goal of these seminars is to learn the basics of bodylanguage, read signals and how to correctly interpret the signs and react accordingly. You learn how to decode the signals of your body and therefore become more professional and authentic in expressing yourself.

Whether it’s in a conversation with your clients, your co-workers or superiors and even with friends or family, you can sharpen your perception and detection for the bodylanguage  of others. You will see soon enough, that the physical expression of others can tell you a lot about their inner world; bodylanguage reveals unspoken things such as thoughts, motives, emotions and positions.

These are the upcoming seminars:

  • Lecture about Communication & Bodylanguage
    Are you interested in communication and bodylanguage? Do you want to improve your communication and understand the people around you better? Do you want to get an insight into bodylanguage, the nonverbal form of communication and spot lies easier?
    Date to be advised
  • Workshop Systemical Family Constellations
    Are the relationships and connections in your life tainted by reoccurring issues? Is your heritage keeping you entrapped and keeping you from fulfillment in your new home? Do you want to uncover family patterns and stories and find an explanation for your behavior and your instincts? Do you ever have a sense of not belonging? Have you ever noticed an unexplainable subconscious behavioral pattern that you’d like to get rid of?
    In systemical family constellations you receive a new outlook in the motivation behind your behavior and detangle family relationships that help you gain clarity for your daily life, with yourself, other people, in your professional life and in your relationships and break old patterns for a new outlook on life.
    Most other forms of therapy work only theoretically address the individual whereas family constellation system is a practical form of systemic “solution”, the individual’s original or present day family constellation are being uncovered and represented “within the room” with the help of the other attendees. This helps to identify the system’s dynamics, interactions and patterns. This is done in each attendee representing a family member and uncovering and solving tensions between the representatives, as they stand for each family member.
    The group leader (and the other attendees) help to introduce change into the system and break restraints for the individual by dissolving long-standing family issues and work towards a “good solution” for the individual for his/her own topic of concern.
    For all other attendees, this is a workshop that not only helps detangle other’s family system but always gives yourself an insight as well into how you can address your own matters differently. If you want to find peace of mind too, this system is the fastest method that we currently know of.
    Date to be advised

    For questions and registration:
    Claudia Mueller Tripodi
    +41 79 402 67 00