About Me

I was born in 1961, married and mother of four kids. After various educational steps and FotoClaudia2020further schooling, I hold lectures in communication and bodylanguage and teach people how to detect bodylanguage signals to improve their communicational habits.

Since 2004 I have been working in my private practice and combine my various educations and trainings to accommodate the needs of my clients.

Educational background:

  • Education as medical assistant in doctors practices
  • Diploma as Teacher for Gymnastics and dance therapy
  • Establishment of vocational school for Gymnastics and Jazz Dance
  • Psychological Astrology (IPA, Munich, Germany)
  • Systemical Therapy by Dr. Peter Orban (Frankfurt, Germany)
  • Systemical Single Therapy by W. de Philipp (Munich, Germany)
  • Education to become a Hypnosis Therapist NGH by Hansruedi Wipf (CH) and Jerry Kein (USA)
  • Various further education in Hypnosis Therapy by Jerry Kein (USA), Ron Eslinger (USA), Ines Simpson (CAN), Roy Hunter (USA), Ted Robinson (USA), Stin-Niels Musche (GER), Steffi Schenk (GER) & Sandra Blabl (CH)
  • Education and Diploma ‚Expert for Communication and Bodylanguage‘ by Petra Frese (USA)