Often we call people intuitive or attentive when we actually mean their understanding of body language. The so-called queasy gut feeling also arises when we subconsciously perceive that a statement does not match the body language. This also works in the same way with fictional statements or lies, the spoken word and the physical expressions do not match or are even contradictory.

In general, it has been proven that women can see and decipher even the smallest body language signals much faster, and this is often mistakenly mystified as „feminine intuition“. In a Harvard University research trial, a film without sound was shown in which a woman and a man talk to each other. Only with non-verbal signals should the participants be able to recognize what is being talked about. 87 percent of the participating women interpreted the situation correctly, whereas only 42 percent correctly recognized the context of the conversation. Men in artistic and caring professions did significantly better than the rest of the participating men. One could consider here that the stigmatization of the male toxicity of „suppressing feelings“ leads to one being less receptive to non-verbal communication. The women with the highest number of hits were often women who raised children, which can be quickly deduced from the logical point of view that mothers communicate with their toddlers almost exclusively non-verbally, which in turn makes them better negotiating partners, as they can quickly and automatically disentangle and decipher multi-layered arguments and several aspects can be considered simultaneously. That is why it is often said that women have a significantly more pronounced ability to multitask. Mental and physical activities can be divided better and therefore performed at the same time. The brain, a true miracle of nature!

It is similar with fortune tellers who know a lot about a person in a personal encounter only through non-verbal body signals and appearance. In addition, they have a broader knowledge of the probability, i.e. the statistical percentage of people who pursue certain interests and have certain desires or concerns.
For reasons explained above, most fortune tellers are women, as they usually have a better feeling for other people altogether.

There is more to come about the interpretation of such non-verbal body language signals in the following blog articles, stay tuned.

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