Very few relationships are always great and stable on their own. Be it a romantic relationship, a friendship, a business relationship, or a family relationship, any type of relationship needs people who are willing to invest in it. Wherever people are at work, emotions, stubbornness and many other feelings can get in the way and make the relationship chaotic. That’s why they say that every relationship needs work.

Even if a romantic relationship is mostly constant and somewhat happy for both sides, we often wish for an emotionally deeper bond. Especially in romantic partnerships, many of us want more intimacy, deeper understanding for one another, more passion and deeper conversations and thus more emotions and feelings.

At the beginning of a relationship, many people find it easier to show feelings. Do you still remember the first few months when you just stared at each other for hours and were completely blown away? When you’ve asked each other many questions so that you can learn as much about each other as possible?But when everyday life returns, many of us forget to continue to treat the romantic partnership as such and to appreciate it accordingly and still invest in it. We suddenly have less time for each other, work and other obligations take up more of our focus and the romance and magic, together with emotional intimacy and the wonderful feeling of being in love, are pushed further and further into the time of the past. If we no longer spend enough time together and create very little space for deep conversations, it can sometimes feel exhausting to bring this intimacy back to life, to exchange feelings and to share thoughts and wishes. There are a few little tricks that can make this endeavor easier.

With the following questions, you and your partner can open up a deeper emotional level and thus welcome more intimacy back into the relationship.

1. Do you remember our first meeting?
2. What was going through your head when you first saw me?
3. Can you remember the moment when you knew that you fell in love with me?
4. Which qualities did you find most interesting in me?
5. Which three moments have been the happiest for you in our relationship so far?
6. What is your most precious memory during our relationship?
7. Which three of our strengths together make us a good team?
8. What do I do that shows you my love and affection?
9. What annoys you about me sometimes? 
10. What qualities do you bring into the relationship and which do I bring into the relationship?
11. Which of my touches (non-sexual) is your favorite?
12. When you picture our relationship, what do you see?
13. What were the most important values ​​for you that you learned from your parents?
14. What has shaped you the most in your life, positively and negatively?
15. If you were granted three wishes, what would they be?
16. What was your biggest mistake and what was your biggest achievement in life?
17. What keeps you awake sometimes that I may not know about?
18. Is there a question you always wanted to ask me?
19. If you had more free time, what would you do with it?
20. In which moments do you feel closest to me?
21. Which relationships are exemplary for you?
22. If you are not feeling well and you are sad or hurt, what would you wish for from me in these moments?
23. Would you like to improve something in our relationship and what would that be?
24. What are you most grateful for in our relationship?
25. What do you wish for our relationship in the future?

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